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Paul Zadro President (International Sport Karate Association, Australia)

Paul Zadro President (International Sport Karate Association, Australia)

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Me and my guys have been trekking with Man many times since 1988 to Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and Chitwan National Park.  The service he offers is unique and he genuinely cares about his clients, the environment and most importantly about his people.

I’ve trekked all over the world and in my opinion Man is the best guide I have ever met.  His attention to detail is second to none, right to the point where he stands over the cooks to make sure they treat food hygienically and neither me or any of my party has ever been sick.

The places he took us were breathtakingly beautiful and far off the beaten track where I’m sure very few guides would be prepared to take us.  Man always has a unique commentary about each feature, people, place or thing along the way.

Do yourself a favour – stop shopping around and book with Man.  You won’t regret it!

Paul Zadro

President – International Sport Karate Association, Australia

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