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Man Odyssey Trekking Adventure is concerned with your comfort, well-being and safety. However,there is the possibility of unavailable of the situations beyond our control.Bad weather, availability of  worker,flight delays or cancellations, poor road conditions and  strikes can all affect your itinerary.Although we do try our best to your comfort.

No refund will be made including early return from a trip or changed an itinerary. If there will be unavailable circumstances beyond our control. Extra expenses of accommodation like Meal & transportation costs will be the additional.

Trip deposit : 35 percent of the entire trip cost must be paid 45 days before the trip departure. If we don’t receive the payment in time absoluetly the trip should be cancelled.The remaining balance can  be paid upon arrival.

The decision of the trip leader or trip guide is final. Clients most signet this from for  agreement with any conditions.If the leader or guide acceped your physical or  other condition  you should  asked to leave the group. 

 The company not responsible for your belongings & any loss and damage to any baggage  items.

 Compensation or refund  are not given for any unused accommodation,tickets, or any property service if you incovenience to use.

Travel insurance: Your travel and medical expenses is compulsory on for the trips. You must show proof of the Insurance, company name,policy number & contact details of the person. If you used any rescue helicopter service the cost of this must be settled by cash or credit card before your departure to the international.

Signet the booking form you make sure that you have read and consider the term and agreed  the rules set by our company.

would you like to  cancel the trip: If so it must be done in writing by the right person to whom the trip is invoiced or who handled the bookings etc.Please note the reason for your cancellation,also please do inform us at the earliest so that we can minimize the cancellation charges  as possible.

80 percent of the trip cost will be charged if cancelation is made one week before the departure of the trip.

35 percent  of the trip cost will be charged if cancelation is made 2-3 weeks before the departure of the trip.

 No refunds will be given in case of no show or delayed arrivals of clients for any reasons.

 Under any circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel your booking with us. However, your booking will not normally be cancelled less than four weeks before the departure date.You will be respnsible for any loss or damage arising out of cancellations under any circumstance.