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Aarne Pirkola

Aarne Pirkola


Hello everyone! I am Aarne Pirkola and 24.year-old deafblind. I live in Espoo, Finland. I visited with my two interpreter in Nepal in eight days.  I Love Trekking Nepal was one event for my trip. Director Man arranged good trip in three day. Firstly in the morning we travelled by van from Kathmandu to Bhaktapur. We visited in the city of Bhaktapur. In there is a many beatiful temples and the little good shops in Bhaktapur. I liked really for Bhaktapur because it is fine city. After we went to Nagarkot. In top of the Nagarkot we saw the tops the Himalaya. We saw also sunset and sunrise. We accommodated in the Nagarkot in one night. In second day we travelled by van from Nagarkot to Namo Buddha We visited in the monastery and the environment of the Namo Buddha. We accommodated in room of the Buddhist monastery in the second night. In last day we walked from Namo Buddha to Panouti. During the walking trip we pass through sometime village. We saw beautiful arable land. We came to Panauti. We acquaintanced that beautiful city. in the end we returned to Kathmandu.

I was satisfied to Man’s arranging trip. In my opinion I love Trekking Nepal is good and reliable company. I and my two interpreter bought it’s trip package. Package contain accommodation, food, transport, other service, pay of director, driver and bag plaintiff. In two accommodation place was warm and food was good and sweet. Director Man is nice and calm type. I recommed you to use I Love Trekking Nepal. I like much for Nepal. It is beautiful mountainsous country. People for Nepal are friendly and nice.

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