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Tara Van Deusen

Tara Van Deusen


What an amazing adventure! After nine days in the Himalayas, 3 days in chitwan and 4-5 days in around Kathmandu. I could not have imagined a better trekking company then ours. “ I Love Trekking Nepal “ with Man Sunuwar and his team not only led the expidition with safetly and good health at the top of their priorities, but they also became our friends and extended family along the way. As a Nepalese run trekking company they were able to give us a unique cultural experience that others would not have. As we were a “Service” trek, they made all of the necessary arrangements in advance for us to visit and assist in some schools and village hospitals along the way as well as a few spontaneous stops.

In addition to all of the normal preparations our group of 12 included a 1 year old (nearly 2), a 5 year old, a 7 year and a 8 year old. All kids quickly grew accustomed, even attached to his guides and staff. It was everything we had hoped for and some…

Thanks again, we look forward to more adventures with “I Love Trekking Nepal” in the future. Maybe Tibet.

With Regards
Tara Van Deusen
California, USA

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